Rental terms and conditions

1. By renting a property that belongs to Eventech OÜ, the renter has accepted the following terms and conditions. These terms and conditions and the laws of the Republic of Estonia will be a basis for any disputes.

2. The basis for a rental will be a rental offer by Eventech OÜ, which will include the exact list of all the devices being rented, the length of the rental period, and the cost.

3. The cost of the rent is calculated according to the coefficient of Eventech OÜ rental days (in other words, it includes the discount on long-term rentals).

4. The rental offer of Eventech OÜ is signed by a representative of Eventech OÜ and the renter when the property is transferred.

5. The renter can request the rental offer on paper or by e-mail.

6. The rental period is calculated in days; the rental starts on the day of the rental at 12 pm and ends at 12 pm the next day.

7. The renter must return the property no later than 12 pm of the next day of the date marked on the rental offer. The property can only be returned during the opening hours of Eventech OÜ unless other arrangements have been made.

8. If the renter returns the property later than the date set in the previous point, the renter must pay for the days that surpass the deadline (see the next point).

9. In case the renter is late returning the devices, a representative of Eventech OÜ will draft a new additional rental offer for the devices still in the client’s possession. This offer will automatically extend until the device has been returned or declared missing/destroyed. The client discount will not be applied to the new additional rental offer. The renter must also pay for the additional rental offer.

10. The device(s) will be declared missing if the device(s) have not been returned within ten days after the end of the rental offer.

11. The renter is obligated

11.1 to use the property prudently and according to its intended purpose; not to leave it unsupervised,

11.2 to return the property cleaned and in working condition or compensate Eventech OÜ the cost of cleaning or setup,

11.3 to notify a representative of Eventech OÜ immediately when the rented device turns out to not be in a working condition. If the defect reported by the renter turns out to be unreasonable, the renter must still pay for the rental according to the rental offer,

11.4 to notify the lessor (the project manager of the rental offer or the general contact) immediately if the property goes missing or is damaged or destroyed.

11.5 to compensate the market value of a device that goes missing or is destroyed to Eventech OÜ,

11.6 to compensate the repair costs to Eventech OÜ if the property gets damaged.

12. The renter is not allowed to repair the property belonging to Eventech OÜ by himself/herself or to order repairs independently.

13. Eventech OÜ has the right

13.1 to demand back the property from any illegal possession,

13.2 to demand an early termination of the rental period when it becomes evident that the renter has knowingly given false information regarding rental conditions.

14. Eventech OÜ is obligated

14.1 to notify the renter immediately if it becomes evident that the returned property has become unfit for use or the value of the property has decreased significantly,

14.2 to waive the claim of rental fee (partially or completely)

in favor of the renter if it becomes evident that the property given to the renter was (partially or completely) unfit for use.

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