29 aug




18 märts


Sonisphere 2009

Loading the trucks for “Sonisphere” took us all day. There was 7 of us sound guys + Latvians and I think about 10 lighting guys (I should make sure about the facts), we also had 6 Dimas helping us (they are stagehands and it’s a long story why we call them like this). And we had some gear, too obviously.
There were 3×14 m trucks of sound and a lot more lights. These were the trucks that left from Estonia. It summed up to total of 12×14 m trucks arriving to the festival with equipment provided by Eventech . All the gear has been pulled together from Sweden, Germany, Latvia and Estonia. Maybe from somewhere else as well. I assume that considering the working hours that it took to find all these things and (more…)

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