18 märts


Sonisphere 2009

Loading the trucks for “Sonisphere” took us all day. There was 7 of us sound guys + Latvians and I think about 10 lighting guys (I should make sure about the facts), we also had 6 Dimas helping us (they are stagehands and it’s a long story why we call them like this). And we had some gear, too obviously.
There were 3×14 m trucks of sound and a lot more lights. These were the trucks that left from Estonia. It summed up to total of 12×14 m trucks arriving to the festival with equipment provided by Eventech . All the gear has been pulled together from Sweden, Germany, Latvia and Estonia. Maybe from somewhere else as well. I assume that considering the working hours that it took to find all these things and (more…)

10 nov

LD Palle Palmé comments on use of new MAC 2000 Wash

Swedish lighting designer Palle Palmé has designed the lighting scheme for an Estonian production of Miss Saigon using 36 of Martin’s new MAC 2000 Wash fixtures.

”I really want to give my regards to Martin for making such a wonderful washlight,” Palle comments. “It’s incredibly bright with fantastic color mixing and beautiful colors that are very even on the color wheel. It has a fantastic UV-filter, which I am using for a UV-scene – we didn’t even have to put up our real UV-lamps, the 2000 Wash did the job. (more…)

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