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Dave Dennison, Independent Sound Consultant:

Andrea Bocelli kontsert lauluväljakul

I just did a show with Andrea Bocelli in Estonia for about 25,000 people. The sound company was Eventech from Tallinn and we used a total of 42 MILOs, 8 M2D’s and 12 M3D-Subs.

Luciano & Dave

Luciano & Dave

It was amazing! Luciano, AB’s mixer, pulled together a very powerful, transparent mix with 50 or so condensers and just as many contact mics. The coverage was a true 90 degrees, and there was more than enough power. But what makes MILO really special is the lack of EQ it takes to get this system sounding stellar. And there was NO EQ on the system side. Meyer has a winner with MILO.






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